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Spirit of Brazil

When Dazed & Confused magazine and Sagatiba partnered on a photo competition called “Spirit of Brazil” for an upcoming exhibition, thousands of photographers submitted images that they felt captured the Brazilian soul.

The Dazed editorial team selected 20 of the most captivating images to show in their gallery in London.  When they approached Litmedia to bring the exhibition to Brazil, we suggested inviting a mixture of international and Brazilian photographers from the worlds of fashion, art and photojournalism to contribute work as well.

The Litmedia team curated images from world-renowned photographers:  Martin Parr, Francois Russo, Andre Balco, Vincent Peters, Tony Kelly, Bruno Cals, Daniel Klajmic, Evandro Teixeiro, Julio Bittencourt, Kitty Paranauga, Walter Firmo, Ricardo Fasenello, Vassia Tolstoi, Marcelo Rangel, Vava Ribeiro, & Michael Muller.

Litmedia was responsible for creative direction, curating, communication strategy, and exhibition design and production, including logistics and museum coordination.

          Exhibition Production