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Facebook LIVE Rio 2016 Olympics

As part of their presence during the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Facebook marketing team wanted to create opportunities for exclusive and engaging content on the recently unveiled Facebook LIVE platform.

Partnering with Team Great Britain, Team Canada, and NBC network, we constructed customized, purpose-built mini studios and provided an onsite producer and cameraperson for both scheduled and spontaneous live transmissions.  These studios were equipped with state of the art recording and broadcasting tools, as well as the ability to share realtime questions posed by viewers via the Facebook LIVE interface.  We also had roving story producers with portable setups at Espaço Time Brasil, Casa Colombia and Casa Mexico.  Notable appearances included Olympians and their families, team coaches, and on-camera talent such as Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir.

In addition to handling the scenography, technology, logistics and staffing for the Facebook LIVE program, we also designed and installed a multiple-screen Instawall at Espaço Time Brasil and Instagram Backdrops at Casa Argentina and Comitê Olímpico do Brasil.

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